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Having a clean living and workspace is an important part of the macrobiotic lifestyle, and can help improve your health, and the quality of your life.

This section will be devoted to helping you create a nurturing and harmonious home environment that is uplifting, peaceful and an expression of your true self, values and desires. 

Topics will include tips to help you de-clutter and get organized using environmentally friendly  products, product reviews, and my own personal stories about how purifying our home can help us elevate our energy and restore calm and clarity to our lives.

Freshly clean and free of dog hair!My mom's couch after washing EVERY blanket of the TONS of hair from her dog! Note the radiant wood coffee table too!

While I realize everyone is very busy these days, having an inviting oasis to return home to after a hectic day can help us many ways, including:

  • Helping us feel more calm and focused
  • Reduce time spent looking for misplaced items
  • Reducing chemical-induced allergic exposure
  • Reduce risk of skin irritations
  • Lift our moods and reduce stress
  • Align us with our greater values from using non-toxic products that leave a lighter footprint on the earth... name a few.

Enhancing home and work spaces has also helped countless people increase financial flow, and find their ideal mate as well!

While I am no way neat freak, I do know the value of cleaning.  It is a purification of our external spaces that greatly impacts, and reflects what is going on internally.  Some spiritual scriptures call this 'God's work.'  

I consider it an expression of the divinely feminine aspect of who we are as stewards and caretakers ~ especially as women!  While feminism caused many of us to shuck the mop and broom in favor of climbing the career ladder, it is still 'holy' work and energy well spent, regardless of whether being a male or female.

It is a show of respect ~ for ourselves, our dwelling spaces, and our planet.  If we want our homes to provide a sanctuary for us as a respite from our hectic lives, then we need to budget some time for maintaining our home and belongings as best we can,  

One option is to hire out.  Many people don't like to clean, and rather spend their time doing other things, like, say, going for a hike outside!  However, I suggest trying to embrace the process as a meditation in mindfulness, and a chance to lift the vibrational energy of your home, as well as yourself!

To clean and organize can become an enjoyable task in our lives when we realize the value living in harmonious spaces affords us, and when we see cleaning as a chance to purify our thoughts, and practice mindfulness.

De-cluttering and organizing bookshelvesMy mother's ookshelves post cleaning and organizing

Organizing is about creating a space, or at least a general area, for our many varied 'things' to land ~ be they shoes or papers.  'Everything needs a home.'

Taking time to periodically de-clutter and do some space-clearing in addition to our daily or weekly home maintenance 'chores'  may require a bit more effort, but it is so worth it.  I believe one of the many things we are here to learn is how to better let go of those things (including behaviors, thoughts and people) that are not serving our best interest, or that bring us down.

Space clearing and feng shui are also distinct, yet important aspects to helping us uplift the energy of our home spaces using a variety of techniques from using sound, aromas, smudging, and more, along with appropriate placement of our furnishings and decorations to stimulate various aspects of our lives we are wanting to improve.

A few of the many bags getting donated after de-cluttering the bookshelvesJust a FEW of the MANY bags of books removed from the shelves!

Denise Linn, author of Space Clearing; Sacred Space: Clearing and Enhancing the Energy of Your Home;  and Feng Shui for the Soul, is also a teacher and leading expert and creator of a course in space clearing, among other courses.  I highly recommend any of her many excellent books, and space clearing course for those interested.  I have not taken it yet, but it is on my wish list!  

*Note:  Any purchases made for books or items via my links are greatly appreciated.  You can still use your own account, and do not pay anything extra for accessing your account via my links.  

Much more organized bookshelf!Another of my mom's bookshelf after cleaning and a good de-cluttering session
De-cluttering and donating bags of clothes, shoes and bootsWe filled the trunk and the car to the gills with bag after bag of clothes, shoes, books and more that we donated after organizing and de-cluttering at my mom's condo.

This section will be devoted to all things related to cleaning, organizing, de-cluttering and space clearing.

In this section I will focus on all things related to cleaning and organizing, including links to and reviews of environmentally friendly cleaning and body care products (that I have tried and liked) via my Amazon store.  

I will also put up videos of de-cluttering projects I may be doing or helping others do, showing before and afters, similar to the pictures shown here, despite not thinking in time to get the before photos!

Getting organized, and down-sizing our 'things and stuff' can be an emotional, yet transformational experience.  Many people who struggle with weight loss find that doing some good de-cluttering was the missing link, shedding weight after shedding excess belongings.

Vegan chai tea and Organic Rescue ChocolatesSuper delicious Organic Rescue Chocolates and vegan chai tea for a needed break from organizing!

Below is a fun video of my sister and I helping my mom do some very needed de-cluttering last Mother's Day while we all gathered to visit.  

Playing music, taking breaks and planning a nice treat as a reward ~ like our chai tea and vegan Organic Dark Calico Coconut Rum Rescue Chocolate ~ makes cleaning enjoyable, and often transformative experience.

(OH, and that Rescue Chocolate ~ can you say YUM?!!!)

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