How To Feel Great & Improve Your Health with a Macrobiotic Diet e-book

How To Feel Great & Improve Your Health with a Macrobiotic Diet e-book synthesizes the essential information from three of our books in the Basic Macrobiotics book series.

The easy to read bullet points distills all you need to know to understand and begin to implement a simple and basic macrobiotic diet.


As stated elsewhere, a macrobiotic diet is not an 'eat this, not that' approach to food selection.  

Learning the principles will put the power in your hands to understand how to make the best choices for you, based on your particular needs.

Who benefits from eating a simple, natural, balanced diet based on the principles of macrobiotics?  Anyone who wants to:

  • Improve their energy
  • Restore health from dis-ease, by alkalizing and improving blood flow, reducing inflammation, and restoring blood sugar balance
  • Desires a 'MAP' or guidance system to better understand the best foods and cooking techniques to eat based on your condition, the region you live, and even the season
  • Experience more calm and balanced moods and energy
  • Sleep better
  • Reduce the harsh effects of stress on the mind and body
  • Minimize the aging process, and improve hair, skin, and nails

A macrobiotic diet won't make you a super hero.  Nor will it guarantee that you will never get sick.  

No one person, or dietary plan can do that for you.  How you live and feel every day is influenced by your diet, but also your thoughts and other lifestyle factors.  We cover more of that in the other books of our Basic Macrobiotic book series.

However, what you eat and how you eat does greatly influence your moods, and ability to remain energized and focused throughout your day.  

A macrobiotic diet emphasizes regularity of eating to maintain stability of the blood sugar which can make a huge difference in your overall well being.

How To Feel Great & Improve Your Health keeps things very simple.  

The bullet points highlight the important information.  In it you will find:

  • A menu plan 
  • List of kitchen essentials 
  • Shopping lists to set up your pantry 
  • Shopping lists for produce selection
  • The types of foods we recommend, and why
  • Tables outlining foods and cooking techniques to focus on whether you have a more yin versus yang type of imbalance
  • Explanation of your symptoms in terms of yin and yang that are easy to understand
  • Basic recipes to get started
  • Some great food photos, and more

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The information in this e-book is fresh, yet also synthesizes all you need to know to get started with a healthy, balanced diet based on the principles of macrobiotics, taken from Essential Macrobiotics, The Ultimate Way of Self-Realization, The Macrobiotic Action Plan, Your MAP to Greater Health & Happiness, and Basic Macrobiotic Menus & Recipes, Simple, Natural, Beautiful Food to Balance Body & Mind.  The last two books are also available in e-book form on Kindle.

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