Living Healthy 

Living healthy involves bringing in several components together to help you truly feel your best, and live a great life.  It's one part diet, one part mindset, one part physical fitness, and at least a dash or two of adopting healthy, supportive lifestyles.  

Whether you are seeking help in only one aspect of your life, or you desire a whole life makeover, we offer a variety of living healthy coaching services to help you get exactly what you need.

Life is like a series of initiations.  Ideally we learn to master one level, then move on to the next.  

However, every individual is at a different place in life.  

For some, just learning how to eat a balanced, healthy diet that better supports your health goals and personal needs is of upmost importance in order to feel well enough to not just get through your days, but to thrive.  

We have plenty of great information and simple, delicious recipes in our books to help you get started.  

We also offer diet, fitness, and personal growth 'Trust YourSElF Coaching' ~  helping empower you to align with your greater resources, and tap into, and trust your True Nature for the most liberating and successful outcomes. 

Our dietary consultations are not a one-size-fits-all set of recommendations for a healthy diet.  We focus on your past and present dietary history, health history, the region you live, the season, and your ancestral heritage, creating a meal plan that centers around the natural foods you which will best align with your needs and preferences.  

We synthesize Western nutritional science with the principles of Chinese medicine and food therapy, and macrobiotics.  We also coach you to learn how to read your own body, and Trust YourSelf to utilize your own best inner guidance system for the rest of your life.  

Living healthy is more than just an absence from dis-ease.

It's having plenty of energy to fuel your dreams, and participate in activities that bring you joy.

Perhaps you need more help overcoming the mental obstacles that are preventing you from getting the support you need to improve your health, or realize your goals.    

Maybe you need greater self-confidence, or to cultivate a macrobiotic mindset.  

Living healthy means having a positive, can-do mindset; belief in your self and your ability to achieve your goals; and emotional freedom from past hurts and wounds that drag your energy down, or cause you to have seemingly uncontrollable outbursts of anger, or other unhealthy emotional states.

Living healthy also includes attracting healthy, supportive, and loving relationships, and feeling connected to that which is greater than us ~ whether that be family, loved ones, an extended tribe or community, nature, or a greater sense of purpose.

Hypnosis therapy, which includes the use of  guided therapeutic visualizations and meditations, and our Holistic C.O.R.E. counseling education and support sessions may be exactly what you need to overcome mental blocks that keep you stuck.  

Often people become somewhat paralyzed as fear and self-doubt set in when trying to decide what to do next, or what type of therapy or practitioner would be best.  It can certainly be overwhelming!  We know, because we've been there, and we are in the business!

Chinese medicine recognizes the influence of our emotions on our health.  The various emotions, such as anger, grief, worry, etc., correspond to various organs, and their associative channels.  

When clients report experiencing a lot of anger, worry, or grief, for example, a Chinese medicine practitioner would use that information as part of the total pattern and syndrome diagnosis.

Anger, worry, and grief correspond to the liver / gall bladder, spleen / stomach, or lung / large intestine meridian systems, respectively.

Sometimes the unresolved emotions are the root cause of the physical symptoms, if they persist.  Just think about how you feel when you are worried all the time, or dealing with the recent loss of a loved one.  

The excess worry would impact your appetite, digestion, and energy.  The excess grief can lead to shortness of breath, dryness of the lungs or weak 'lung qi' symptoms such as weak voice, low desire to talk, or shrilly high pitch voice.  

Excess anger effects the liver, leading to stagnation, possible right side pain around the liver area, alternating stools as the liver energy impacts digestion, or other symptoms including high blood pressure and migraines.  

Syndromes of the liver organ system imbalances include menstrual cycle disorders as well.  You can learn more about Levels of Healing here.  You can read more about acupuncture by visiting our Barefoot Acupuncture website.  To read reviews, click here and here.

Living healthy also requires having clean and orderly home and work environments.  

Those with compromised immune systems, and chronic respiratory conditions including various forms of cancer, allergies, or asthma will especially want to replace synthetic-smelling, chemically-laden cleaning products with natural, non-toxic alternatives made either scent-free or with natural essential oils to minimize symptoms, and improve health.

Having a home that is full of clutter and disarray can also impact your energy.  If you spend a lot of time looking for lost items, you know how much of a time drain being too disorganized can be as well!  

Having a clean home and work environment soothes us at a soul level.  Keeping things at least relatively clean and organized is part of our sacred work, although we've been brainwashed into believing that cleaning is either a waste of time, a dreaded chore, or beneath us.  

None of these are accurate.  Cleaning is what you make of it, and when you engage your senses, and recognize that every item that is in your care deserves your care, then you are less likely to hang on to those things that have little meaning or value, and sit around collecting dust.

If being disorganized or a perpetual hoarder is your main obstacle to making any sort of positive changes in your life, than having someone who is neutral, and un-attached can help you begin the emotional process of releasing those things that are adding to your excess 'weight' or baggage.

This can lead to mental chaos mentally, emotional insecurities, a lot of loss of time, or physical weight gain, among other symptoms.

You can check out the information we have, and continue to post on our site, hire our services if local to come to your home and help physically, or pay an affordable monthly stipend to receive guidance, instructions, and support on an ongoing basis as you take the little baby steps required to make positive changes.

When you are living healthy, it is reflected in the outcomes in your life.  The time and effort you spend taking care of yourself and your belongings, including your home, will impact your life in kind.

In other words, the degree of dedication and commitment you have towards feeling your best, managing your home, and tending to your personal responsibilities in life, will be reflected in the rewards you receive of having greater clarity and peace of mind, greater flow and abundance, and a more meaningful and thriving life.

Even when we have things in order, and we are on track with our diet and fitness routines, questions still arise.  

Challenges can set us back, whether from unexpected losses, career changes, or issues with family.  

On these occasions, it may be helpful to receive a more spiritual and intuitive coaching session, or energetic balancing session to help you clarify your options, better understand your current situation, receive validation, and/or to regroup.  

These sessions are available in person or by phone from a distance.

Learn about our Healthy Living Coaching Services and Macrobiotic Health Coach options.

Most private coaching services, including typical macrobiotic counseling services can be a bit pricey for the average individual, who often has to really stretch to spend needed resources on personal health concerns beyond standard medical care that may be covered by insurance.

Because we know this all too well, we have created, and continue to create alternative options for those who need to tightly manage their budget.

We currently offer a Macrobiotic Health Coaching Self-Starter package for individuals who are good at consuming and implementing new information with minimal outside help required.  

An initial evaluation, booklet of recommendations, and a copy of Setting Up Your Macrobiotic Kitchen, and How To Feel Great & Improve Your Health with a Macrobiotic Diet are included, along with ongoing, brief 'check-ins' to help you receive just enough guidance and support to help you with realizing your health and life goals.

We will also be setting up multiple-week living healthy courses geared towards improving your health through focus on diet and health improvement or weight loss, improving physical strength and mobility, and cultivating a healthier, macrobiotic mindset and self-supporting lifestyles.

We are also establishing an ongoing 'living healthy' monthly subscription with a way to work on issues through an assortment of content available to subscribers in the form of video, audio, and written formats.  

An ability to have a designated time live via phone, or have questions answered via email will be arranged, along with an online group where people dealing with the same types of issues ~ including diet/health; physical strength and fitness; mental/emotional issues; and natural and supportive lifestyles that best nurture your spirit, and foster your dreams ~ can come together and share in support.

Be sure to subscribe to be informed of all new upcoming offerings and specials, along with our Macrobiotic Rx newsletter once it gets published.  

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