Basic Macrobiotic Menus and Recipes

Basic Macrobiotic Menus and Recipes ~ Simple, Natural, Beautiful Food to Balance Body & Mind is filled with super delicious, easy to prepare recipes.   As we like to say, "food so simple, your ancestors could eat it!"

Macrobiotic diets have been found to reduce inflammation, an important factor in minimizing the effects of aging, and diseases rooted in overly acidic states.  The recipes in Basic Macrobiotic Menus and Recipes are alkalizing, and balancing to the blood sugar, for better quality, more even moods, focus, and energy.

Basic Macrobiotic Menus and Recipes includes simple menu plans, shopping lists with vegetables organized by similar energetic type such as root vegetables, dark leafy greens, summer and salad vegetables, and sweet/ground vegetables.  

Lists of foods, including whole grains, beans and legumes, vegetables, fresh or dried fruits, nuts and seeds, condiments and seasonings, and the types and quality of animal foods recommended are included in easy to read tables to help you with your shopping.  

Basic Macrobiotic Menus and Recipes also lists kitchen toys and pantry staples to help you set up your macrobiotic kitchen, and prepare food as efficiently as possible.  For a more in-depth list itemizing specific products with links directly to those products on Amazon where you can at least see any products you are unfamiliar with, read reviews, and purchase if you are interested, be sure to subscribe, and receive a FREE copy of Setting Up Your Macrobiotic Kitchen, 20 page e-book.

Once you've read Basic Macrobiotic Menus and Recipes, you will be able to create beautiful and delicious food with ease, including perfectly prepared greens and vegetables that aren't bitter or chewy with my super simple QB (Quick Boiling & Quick Blanching) cooking methods!

From top L: Quick Blanched ('QB') Veggies, 'Macro Meal' of Sautéed Onions & Squash w/ Hijiki, Stir Fried Veggies & Tofu, & Brown Rice, Bean & Squash Porridge w/ Quick Boiled ('QB') Greens w/ Daikon & Red pepper

What else will you find in Basic Macrobiotic Menus and Recipes?

  • Quickie Breakfasts
  • Creative porridge recipes ~ it's oatmeal, elevated!  Learn how to make porridge from a variety of grains, including gluten-free options.  Porridge grains are prepared in a way that is very nourishing and replenishing with a greater volume of water than typical grain preparation methods.  There are also higher protein grain and bean blends that  make a delicious porridge.  
  • Congees ~ an even more digestible, easy to assimilate, deliciously creamy morning porridge, often cooked with vegetables.  Whether you like your morning hot porridge creamier, or fluffier, sweeter, or more savory ~ there are many recipes to choose from!  You can also check out several of the recipes on the website.
  • Delicious main meal soups with beans or lentils and vegetables, miso vegetable soups, and noodle soups
  • How to prepare perfect brown rice and other whole grains
  • How to prepare the easiest to digest, soft beans with seaweed and many super simple but unique ways to flavor them for fast and hearty meals
  • A variety of cooking methods that bring the best out in greens and vegetables, including quick boiling or blanching, stir fries, roasting, and pan sautés with or without oil
  • Boiled or pressed salads which are crisp, delicious, and easy to digest
  • Suggestions for what types of animal foods to include if desiring, what quality, quantity, and how to include them in a plant-centered diet in a manner that is more appropriate, healthy, and balanced
  • Hot beverage recipes including Tracy's Herbal Coffee, Twig Tea, and Twig Chai Tea
  • Special foods like pickled veggies, and macrobiotic healing remedies
  • Simple, but satisfying desserts that are naturally sweetened, including protein and complex carbohydrate-rich bars and cookies

Basic Macrobiotics Menus and Recipes also contains the following tables, reprinted from the first book of our Basic Macrobiotic book series, Essential Macrobiotics, The Universal Way of Self-Realization, by Don Matesz: The Nine Laws of Change, the Seven Levels of Judgement, and common symptoms according to yin/yang theory, along with suggestions of which foods and cooking techniques to emphasize to restore balance.  These tables can be found in the appendix of both Basic Macrobiotic Menus and Recipes, and The Macrobiotic Action Plan to help empower you to craft menu plans as needed for self-healing. 

Veggie Stir Fry w/ Hijiki, top; Steamed Green Beans & Parsnips w/ Dulce, center, and Quick Blanched (QB) Broccoli & Collards, below

Quick Boiled Collards, Carrots, & Daikon, top; Quick Boiled Kale, Carrots, & Celery, center; Roasted Brussels Sprouts, bottom

All recipes, and many more can be found in Basic Macrobiotic Menus and Recipes

Learn how to prepare mineral-rich sea vegetables which improve the health of your skin, hair, and eyes, and how to cook vegetables and greens in a variety of ways.  Steaming vegetables is easy, but my QB methods are just as easier, and help greens and vegetables come alive.  The flavor and texture comes out perfect, crisp, and bright with little else needed.

Vegetables and greens can also be roasted, pan-sautéed, braised, or stir-fried.  You will absolutely love my Southern Style Greens recipes using dulce seaweed for that smokey flavor.  Well cooked greens is a method used not only in the south, but also in Ayurvedic and Asian cooking.  Soft vegetables are sweeter tasting, and easier to digest and assimilate, which many people will find very helpful.

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