Minton Macrobiotics Store

The Minton Macrobiotic Store includes a personal selection of my top recommended kitchen toys, books, specialty foods, and hot beverage teas and drinks to help you get started with cooking healthy,  delicious natural foods with preparation methods commonly employed in traditional macrobiotic diets.

The selections in the Minton Macrobiotic Store are the best quality at the most affordable prices that I could find.  I created the store to have the recommendations all in one easy place.  Many people ask while watching our recipe videos.  As always, we are all about simplicity and affordability, without compromising on quality, especially where appropriated.  I take time to read the reviews, and choose what I think offers the best value.

I will continue to add to the store, with a vision to also include natural, chemical-free cleaning products and personal care products as well as fun shirts and vegan clothing.

All purchases made through the store and links throughout the website are hugely appreciated.  It helps support us to allow ever more time to build the community we would like to create, along with a super informative and inspiring website!

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