Make Every Bite Count ~ The SASSY ~ Super Affordable, Simple, Satisfying & Yummy Produce-Rich, Plant-Based Way to Health

Make Every Bite Count is an excellent book filled with unique insights, tips, charts sharing how to make simple changes that can elevate your choices, meal plans, and over 150 tantalizing recipes, many with color photos.

In early 2011, I had a little reality check.  Not one for scales, I realized that I was looking pretty chubby.  I had been following the paleo diet, eating a lot of grass-fed meat, wild caught salmon and fish, chicken, turkey, salads, greens, veggies, some fruit, sweet potatoes, and generous helpings of fat from coconut and olive oil, some butter, heavy coconut cream, and some nuts and seeds.

I am just over 4'11", but at the age of 48, had reached my lifetime heaviest weight, was peri-menopausal, and had a wedding looming around the corner.

While I may not look really overweight by most people's standards in these photos, my weight/height ratio actually put me at a high body fat and BMI ratio.  Despite the numbers, I felt very uncomfortable, stiff, fatigued and chubby.

I believed, and had been guided over the years by several practitioners, that I had a wheat or gluten sensitivity, and needed to eat more protein, and avoid wheat and gluten containing foods.  The typical paleo diet excludes all grains, beans and soy foods along with many fruits and starchy carbohydrates.  

After making some minor adjustments, mainly minimizing the fat, and eating less beef, more mild fish, I began to lose some of the weight.  However, in the fall of 2007, I had an even bigger health scare.  My breasts had become visibly enlarged, fatty, lumpy, uneven in size and excruciatingly tender.  

Simultaneously, Don's first wife who had also been eating a paleo diet for 10+ years was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Don himself was experiencing urinary difficulties.

We began watching movies and doing research, and immediately switched to a plant-based diet, with a short transition period as we consumed some previously purchased animal foods.

I began a blog, and over the years, the book which finally became Make Every Bite Count.

After three months eating the foods I had been avoiding~beans, soy foods, and whole grains~my condition healed.

But there is even more to my health journey.  Once vegan, I also experimented with a high and for one month all raw, fruit-based diet, again limiting or completely avoiding beans, soy foods, and whole grains.

Again, I developed fibrocystic breast tenderness.  This time less noticeable and severe, but still very tender and lumpy.

I also gained weight following the advice of some online raw/high raw vegan communities.  

Make Every Bite Count chronicles my health journey, the ups and downs, and all that I learned while tweaking my plant-based vegan diet to get the results I desired in my health, weight and fitness goals.

Make Every Bite Count took nearly three years to complete.  I would write, table it, and when returning to it would have added all that I had learned since.

I finally 'birthed' Make Every Bite Count (MEBC) just prior to my 52 birthday in March of this year (2015.)

I am very proud of this book, and I know you will enjoy every page of it!

"Hi Tracy, I think your book is awesome!  It is how I have been eating for a little while now.  I have more strength and feel better emotionally and mentally too...Thank you for the book!!!!" ~Nina/Youtube channel subscriber

What you will find in Make Every Bite Count:

  • 2 Separate 7-Day Meal Plans, written in two different styles to help you pick and choose what works best for you
  • 5 Main principles that comprise the Make Every Bite Count eating plan that is more about what you add, than subtract from your daily diet
  • Aisle by aisle shopping guide
  • Charts showing simple changes you can make to elevate your choices
  • A clear guide to understanding how to categorize the various plant foods, their nutritional components, and how to build your daily meals
  • Tips to improving your life you can do right now, wherever you are
  • Over 150 recipes with my signature SASSY style (Super Affordable, Simple, Satisfying & Yummy!) to help this be a sustainable lifestyle for you because statistically, diets do not work.  It needs to be a lifestyle.
  • Enticing and beautiful color photos for many of the recipes
  • Recipes (most by nature are gluten-free) include many smoothies, green smoothies, salads, simple dressings, soups, how to cook beans and brown rice, easy greens and veggie preparation techniques including my QB (Quick Blanch/Quick Boil) methods, pasta, potatoes, several breakfast porridge options, Super SASSY burritos and kid-friendly meals, snacks, sushi, raw balls, and more!
  • More of my own personal journey from my lifetime heaviest, to nearly my lifetime lightest weight, and the myriad other improvements to my health, along with my unique insights as a hypnotherapist, and Acupuncturist and holistic health practitioner specializing in Chinese food therapy, and macrobiotic principles of balance.

"I'm not a vegetarian, and really had no desire to be one, mostly because I had no clue as to how to prepare veggies other than boiling or steaming, which is not very appealing.  But through Tracy and Don's advice and treatment, I've recognized the benefits of adding more vegetables to my meals so I was willing to try but it wasn't going that well until I read (Make Every Bite Count.)

Tracy's recipes.  really inspired me to try preparing veggies, tofu and other items I had pretty much never heard of before.  Her recipes are simple to follow and the pictures really made them look appealing.  I've enjoyed experimenting and I now have my own new recipe folder with tabs for entrees, veggies, rice, salads, smoothies, etc.  Ive tried most of her recipes now and am excited to try more!" ~Lou Hunt, Tempe, AZ

I also share my thoughts on why I believe so many people think they too have issues with wheat and/or gluten, and why it may not be those foods that are the problem.  I also include just the right amount of science and references to explain all you need to embrace eating a more produce-rich, healthy and balanced plant-based/vegan diet.

"My hair, skin, moods, and energy all lightened up after switching to a plant-based diet.  I have plenty more I am working on healing, but I know that how I eat is making a difference.  Each bite counts!  Make Every Bite Count towards lasting health, maintaining your youthful vitality, and improving your over all quality of life.  You are never too old, or young to start!" ~Tracy

Make Every Bite Count can help you learn how to achieve that sublime state of balance by learning how to tweak your food choices to match your present needs, and personal health goals.  You will enjoy my sprinkling of motivation mixed with my straight talk to help you become more conscious of all of your choices, and to learn how to make every moment of your life count too!

Make Every Bite Count is available in print on Amazon, and on Kindle.  I hope you will check out my book.  I put my heart and soul into it.  I think you will love it, and I look forward to hearing your success stories as well!  

Please email me your feedback, as I would love to hear which are your favorite recipes, what you found the most valuable, and what you would like to see in future books!

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