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TYTN Coaching™ ~ empowers you to align with your higher knowing of what is best for you, and clear the many beliefs and mental impediments that obstruct this divine, natural alignment.  

It is the foundational step towards learning how to connect with, and Trust Your True Nature, to live a more successful, healthy, and meaningful life. 

The TYTN Coaching process enables you to more intentionally, artfully and purposefully direct your life.   You are the sole, or 'soul-knower' of what is best for you, whether with respect to the right diet, fitness routine, livelihood, relationships, or lifestyle practices.  

The TYTN Coaching process will also help you re-wire your thoughts and energy so you become a better  'attracter' ~ more readily drawing to you the right resources and information to help facilitate your decision making process, and realize your goals.  You will learn how to better discern among the myriad and often conflicting or confusing information that currently exists to better determine what is best for you ~ especially with respect to eating a healthy diet.

In other words, you become the sovereign authority of knowing what is best for you, even when enlisting the services of medical doctors or alternative health practitioners.  None of us has all the answers to everything, not even doctors.  And nobody is or can ever be more responsible for our lives and outcomes of our actions ~ providing we are a full functioning adult ~ then ourselves.

The sooner we claim full responsibility to what is showing up in our life ~ including our emotionally-triggered reactions to our experiences ~ the sooner we begin living a more free, meaningful and successful life.  

TYTN Coaching will empower, inspire, guide & support you unerringly to align with your
Divine Blueprint for a healthy, happy life.

"I felt heavy when I came in, and much lighter at the end of the session, with much less pressure in my head and urinary bladder. I also felt a different energy in my body, and feel like I have more hope. Julie Wood, Reiki/energy healing client

The TYTN Coaching (sounds like 'titan') process is currently available from anywhere by phone or email, and possibly Skype.  It will soon be available in a self-study format, with plans for a forum or membership program for ongoing support to sustaining a 'Trust Your True Nature' approach to living.

The TYTN Coaching process is most effective when done in 8 week increments, however it can be customized to best suit your needs.  (The home study format will be self-paced.)  

Each 8 weeks will focus on smaller goals that will build upon themselves, leading you step by step towards your big picture vision for yourself of radiant health, and a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Successive sessions will build on the first foundational 8-week course of steps by chiseling away incrementally step by step towards your big picture vision.  Along the way, as you begin to clear away the clutter ~ mentally and physically ~ you will begin to feel inspiration bubble up through you organically.  Whatever 'feels' more in alignment with Who You Are Becoming will unfold, while all that no longer resonates will begin to fall away.  It works like magic.

Whether you desire to lose a certain amount of weight in time for a special event, or are wanting to improve financial flow in your life, focusing on smaller goals while keeping 'your eyes on the prize' will help you gain confidence and momentum as you align more and more with your dreams ~ and your True Nature.

"I accomplished more with just one hypnotherapy session with Tracy than I did in all the years of seeing various psychotherapists combined. Tracy is very compassionate, affable, and intuitive. She truly cares for your well-being and wants to see you reach your highest potential. Thank you, Tracy, for all your support and compassion. ~ Addie H., Hypnotherapy & Reiki client

To better align with your Divine Blueprint for a healthy and successful life, you will learn how to read signs in nature and all around you, and how to read and understand the language of your own body.  

In traditional naturopathic medicine, the priority traditionally was to focus on cleansing out toxins before rebuilding anew.  

The TYTN Coaching process will help you clear out the mental/emotional clutter, and psychic debris in your energy field that keeps you confused or stuck. It's like cleaning the windows, and finally being able to see the view!

You will learn how to question all those deeply held beliefs about what is 'good', 'bad', 'right' and 'wrong' for you, whether in terms of your dietary choices, physical health and well being, right livelihood, right relationships, or any aspect of your life.

"I went to Tracy after I discovered I had several subconscious blocks that I was unable to resolve on my own or through "conventional" therapy. I had been struggling for years with poverty, low sense of self worth, and romance. After three sessions, I felt lighter and a sense of resolution and peace I'd not experienced, except perhaps as a child. Within a few days of my last session, I got a new idea to bring in money and a romantic interest contacted me after not being in touch for weeks. Most importantly, I FEEL so much better and happier. A friend who I've not seen in a while said I carry myself differently and come across as more confident. My vision has improved and rosacea symptoms, a dis-ease I've had for 10 years, have been disappearing every day. Thank you!" ~ Paul, Hypnotherapy client, AZ

The TYTN Coaching process is different than traditional coaching methods which focus on goal-setting, and propelling you forward, ready or not.  

TYTN Coaching embodies a more natural, organic, and holistic process that helps you make vast improvements in your life, naturally and organically at the right pace.   

You will also learn how to align with your most powerful internal 'GPS' guidance system that you can use in every area of your life.

Here is some of what you can experience from the

TYTN Coaching process:

  • A MAP for choosing the BEST FOODS to eat for YOU, based on YOUR TRUE NATURE, and your ancestral heritage  AND how to choose foods based on their inherent energetic properties, not just the 'nutritional resume' of individual foods ~ for those focusing primarily on weight loss, or improving health with the right diet, click on TYTN Health Coaching

  • Greater clarity about what your gifts are, and how to share them in meaningful ways

  • How to have your mind be your ally, rather than your saboteur

  • Greater emotional freedom from past hurts, wounds, or disappointments which often get triggered, however unconsciously, by other seemingly random events or circumstances

  • How to harmonize your life and activities with your True Nature, and experience much greater happiness and health, rather than swim upstream

  • How to enlist your more true and powerful resources, including your own Spirit allies, Future Self, Nature Intelligence & Higher/Greater Self

  • How to read the language of the body, and trust your 'gut knowing' 

  • Tools to help you manage the stresses and personal challenges that previously halted your forward progress

  • More clear energy boundaries

  • Greater clarity, focus, self-confidence & self-reliance 

"TY for your incredible help during this crisis. I am still practicing the imagery every morning when I walk my dog - so I have the strength for each situation. You have been such a friend to me in addition to your amazing treatments. The 'work' we did has helped so immensely!  I feel like I am on a new road now!" ~ Joyce, ABQ, NM (TYTN coaching, by phone client)

"When the information came up about my late husband, it brought me amazing relief. It was like a huge weight was lifted that I had been carrying around for years. I finally felt closure, and it brought me a great sense of peace...If it wasn't for the help I get (acupuncture, reiki, reflexology at Barefoot Acupuncture), I would not be managing all of the present challenges nearly as well. You both have helped me to cope and continue to function despite my chronic back problems. TY both for everything, I am so grateful I found you guys." ~ Barb B., Phoenix, AZ

The TYTN Coaching process is a synthesis of the many programs I have studied in my life, along with my own personal experience working with myself and clients over the years.  I employ several tools to help you uncover and re-wire the outmoded beliefs and habitual thinking patterns that stifle your true expression, and ability to realize your full potential.

I also help you work with the various parts that are holding the keys to your true liberation.  We unwittingly create 'parts' to help us cope with traumatic or stressful situations, especially when we are young and have limited resources.  

When we strive for more ~ no matter what that more may represent ~ all the internal clutter will get stirred up, just like cleaning out the attic after years of neglect.  A lot of dust will be flying around before it actually looks clean, but once you've done all the 'dirty' work, it will feel so much better!

To align with your true nature is like stepping onto the most illuminated path available for you at any given moment in time.  It's the most glorious path, with the greatest flow, ease, grace, joy, and synchronous events.  The less illumined paths are not bad or wrong, they are usually wrought with more challenges and lessons, and less of the good juicy flow and fun.

In order to align with your most illumined path ~ which is the Grand Alignment with your True Nature ~ you may need to check in with a few long abandoned parts.  Until they are on board with your plan, it will be like part of you is pushing forward while the other part keeps pulling you backwards.  If there is resistance or cognitive dissonance within the ranks, it will be difficult to make any real progress.

When needed, I use hypnotherapy, guided visualizations, and the C.O.R.E. Counseling process to facilitate a healing and resolution with your parts to help you reclaim your power and sovereignty of your life.  

Whether you desire weight loss, or a piece of land and a beautiful, quaint, self-sufficient homestead, the process is the same.  The tools you learn during the TYTN Coaching process are very effective, and can be used throughout your life.

"You are the real deal. I have only ever had one other person that I used to see (in another state) that I trusted like you, and had similar advanced abilities as an energy healer and intuitive practitioner." ~Lou H., Tempe, AZ

There are many influences threatening our health, and that of our children, and the sustainability of our natural resources.  The sooner we all align with our True Nature, the sooner we will all be co-creating a more peaceful, sustainable  future for our posterity ~  where all can thrive.  Think about how illuminated our Earth would be!  Living harmoniously with Nature is key to this grand illumination.

Learning to trust your true nature may push your boundaries, and challenge deeply entrenched belief systems.  But just as mentioned earlier, in order to build yourself anew, you must first break free from what isn't serving you, and is not in sync with the Divine Blueprint for your life.  

The TYTN Coaching process will support you during this process by being your mirror, and helping you discern when something that may seem 'bad' could actually be a positive sign that things are shifting, and transformation is at hand.

"Tracy has been wonderful. Through her help, I have let go of the shame and guilt that has kept me in a walled off, unavailable box, that I put myself into at a very young age. She has a way about her that puts me at ease, and I am very comfortable talking to her in our sessions. I told her about a particular incident that happened to me which I have never spoken of to anyone. I thought I would carry this to my grave (I have been to a "few therapist.") I feel blessed to have found such a genuine healer. Thank you so much for all you do. ~ Terri K., Chandler, AZ, Hypnotherapy client, and Reiki student

My husband and I hope to inspire people to strive for greatness, rather than acquiesce to the hedonism, and victim-mentality that is rampant these days, undermining the sanctity of our society.  Strong individuals create strong families, and strong families lead to healthy, strong societies.  Blaming others for our outcomes, and demanding others to conform to our beliefs is immature, cowardly, and counter productive to achieving a great, meaningful, and healthy life.

If you are ready to challenge yourself to be the strongest, and most ideal version of you imaginable, then you will be an ideal candidate for the TYTN Coaching Process.  You are ready to be a TYTN ~ (think mighty mighty Titan)  ~  warrior / warrior-ess.

If you are not willing to be radically self-honest and self-reflective, and consider strength and success a threat, this process may not be for you.

Of course it all depends on you too. 

Learning to trust your true nature will empower you to be able to make the best choices for yourself.  You will finally be able to tune out the overwhelming amount of conflicting information that you are bombarded with on a regular basis by tuning into your own inner guidance system for direction ~ especially with respect to diet!

And you will understand how to harmonize with the underlying principles that guide all life ~ the key to living with greater health, happiness, and peace of mind.

For many of us, being able to join a private group geared towards accomplishing individual goals can make all the difference in the world.  Studies back this up.  

Those who engage support in their journey towards greater health and happiness are far more successful than those who do not.

We are in the process of developing the means for people to remain connected via a subscription, or members forum.  Please bookmark this website, or subscribe below to be alerted of upcoming programs, special offers, and our TYTN Newsletter. 

Ready to begin to Trust Your True Nature, and be a 'mighty mighty TYTN' warrior/warrior-ess living a healthy, joy-filled, illuminated life?  

Call our Scottsdale, Arizona office at 602-954-8016.

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