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TYTN Health Coaching will help you demystify among all the conflicting dietary advice to choose the foods that best support you ~ no matter your individual goals or needs.  Whether you desire weight loss, better digestion and assimilation, or improved energy and vitality ~ there is a diet that supports you best.  

God ~ or Nature ~ has provided humans with an abundance of natural foods and resources with which to thrive.  You also have a built in inner guidance system that will steer you to the best choices ~ among those foods that Nature has provided ~ that is most balancing to your particular condition and constitution.    

The TYTN Health Coaching process will help you harmonize your True Nature with the best natural foods, and preparation techniques that are also in harmony with Nature's own seasons and rhythms.  Despite advancements in technology, your body is still hard wired to perform at its peak when you eat similar foods to what your early ancestors ate.  It's in your DNA.

Contrarily, unconsciously eating modern processed, synthetic, and refined foods while sitting long hours in front of a computer, or texting on the phone is a recipe for dis-ease, pain, stiffness,  loss of mobility, and premature aging.  Not to mention weight gain.

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The TYTN Health Coaching helps you choose foods and lifestyle practices that will be most restorative to your particular needs.  

Your current condition, symptoms, and body type (more yin/sensitive versus yang/hardy); the region you live, how active or inactive you are, the season, and your current health and life goals are all considered when determining your needs.

The TYTN Health Coaching process will help you better determine the nature of your condition, pattern of imbalance, and which food choices will help you restore balance, recover vitality, and are most aligned with your true nature, the region you live, and even your ancestry.

What is unique about the TYTN Health Coaching process is that it combines the principles of Chinese medicine and macrobiotics, with European-based traditions.  

The primary focus is on the art and science of longevity ~ the diet and lifestyle practices that will help you live a great and healthy life, while reigniting a reverence for 'gathering' and preparing food!

The TYTN Health Coaching differs from the TYTN Coaching process, as we will focus specifically on your health and fitness goals, including fat/weight loss.

"Years ago I became interested in Macrobiotics as a healthy way of eating. I read several books. It all looked complicated at the time and I let the idea go. I started acupuncture treatment at Barefoot Acupuncture and saw that Tracy and Don supported (Ancestral) Macrobiotics. ...I had a (Macrobiotic) Health consult with Tracy. Her knowledge and approach gave me an new view and I was able to implement preparing, cooking and eating in a Macrobiotic style. Ongoing help and tips from Tracy has made the process much easier. Tracy's support has been so helpful to me, allowing me to enjoy this new way of eating. Tracy and Don's books on Macrobiotic eating have been a great guide. Tracy took a subject that could seem complicated and overwhelming and made it simpler and easier to understand and implement." ~ LHG, Phoenix, AZ

TYTN Health Coaching helps you harmonize your life with  the natural world, restoring health and a sense of peace.

The TYTN Diet Plan is a lower carbohydrate diet that emphasizes whole, natural foods including appropriate quality animal proteins, supplemented with seasonal greens, vegetables, fruits, roots, nuts, seeds, and good quality oils and fats.  

The TYTN health coaching session will help you implement the aspects of our recommended foods that will make the most sense for you.  

Our meal suggestions are simple, and sure to satisfy!

The only constant in life is change.  Your body, moods, and energy also fluctuate continually throughout the day, and throughout the year.  The cycles of the moon and seasonal changes impact our moods and energy.  Some are more sensitive to these daily, monthly, and seasonal fluctuations than others.  

Cravings  change to match the season.  When it is hot out, you probably crave more cool, big, juicy fruit, and raw foods.  When it is cold out, you may desire more warming foods and spices, and longer cooking techniques, such as slow-cooked stews and soups.  You are naturally attracted to what will provide balance, without giving it much thought.  

However, if you are eating foods that are not harmonized with the season, and your particular needs, such as a lot of cold, raw fruit and salads during the cold season, you will be operating in discord to what is more natural for that season.  

Many people feel their best when they eat foods similar to their own ancestry.  Knowing the primary staples of your ancestors may help shape your food choices.  

Whether you are more inclined to beef or pork, or fish and seafood, for example, may have a lot to do with the region your forebears once lived, and the primary food staples of that region. You have genetic predisposition, and have been physiologically adapted to certain foods based on ancestral and cultural heritage.  

This is the core teachings of Chinese medicine, and (European) macrobiotic principles.  It's part physiology, and part paying homage to the unbroken chain of life from whence you come!  Reconnecting to your roots can provide a profound healing on an emotional and spiritual level. 

It's a relatively recent phenomena to be able to consume foods out of season, shipped in from around the world ~ and it's happening at the expense of valuable resources, including oil while increasing pollution.  While many vegans speak out against animal cruelty, they fail to pay attention to the impact of their own diet when relying on imported foods.

Eating foods out of season, that are not from our local or similar bioregion can incrementally weaken our immune system over time.  It weakens the environment as well. 

TYTN Health Coaching will help you make more appropriate choices so you maintain vitality, and  healthy immunity throughout the year.

TYTN Health Coaching helps you become more in tune with your inner guidance system.  Once you are at a healthy base point, and understand the basics of healthy eating and a healthy diet, your intuitive cravings should guide you to the best choices.  

You can finally feel relieved as you liberate yourself from all the dietary dogma, and feel confident in knowing that there is no better expert for you then YOU!

"I enjoyed my coaching session with Tracy.  It was exactly what I wanted. Instead of just emailing me with a standard list of recommendations, Tracy made suggestions that seemed easy to implement, customized to my needs. It was exactly what I wanted." ~Anna D, Tempe, AZ

TYTN Health Coaching will also guide you to include more natural cleaning and personal body care products, and other lifestyle activities that will also improve your overall sense of well-being.

There are many natural, clean-smelling environmentally friendly cleaning products on the market these days, including these dishwashing detergent pods which gets the dishes really clean.

Most house cleaning products, and personal body care products are laden with chemicals, petroleum, dyes, and other synthetic elements that are harmful for health.  Some have been studied and shown to be immuno-suppressors.

Inhaling their fumes, and using chemical-laden products on your body or scalp on a regular basis can be impacting your health in many ways you may not suspect, including making you more susceptible to allergies.

Even synthetic dryer sheets, or aluminum-containing deodorants are not natural, and best avoided.

Ready to get started?  Questions?  Here is how to make contact.

Call us at our Scottsdale office at 602-954-8016. 

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Be sure to check out Don's site to learn more about sensible strength or body-weight resistance training, and improving mobility.

Want to jump in and begin implementing the Trust Your True Nature Diet Plan right away?  Are you a good self-starter?  Do you prefer to learn the basics on your own, and contact me later if you need further support?

Save close to $60 from paying for my private services ($75.00/hour) and order the Trust Your True Nature Diet Plan E-book, available as an instant download.  

Eat what you are drawn to eating...

Feel like you were meant to feel!

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